We offer highly customizable transactional-only banking for individuals and businesses. The bank doesn’t engage in loaning out client’s funds and leverages, keeps 100% deposit ratio and never speculate with client’s assets.
When banking through us, you can be absolutely sure that the bank makes money from standard fees and commissionable transactions. This ensures the ultimate transparency and security for the clients.


Multi-currency accounts enable the bank’s client’s to hold funds in GBP, EUR, CHF, USD, CAD, AUD, JPY and NZD without the need to open multiple accounts. There are no restrictions on the number of currencies the client decides to hold in his/her bank account – it can be one, several, or all of the available currencies. This makes the account perfect for clients who need to conduct local and global businesses with the utmost convenience and efficiency and 8 currencies.


Our partner Omanye Money provide an instant sign up for personal and corporate E-accounts.
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OMANYE MONEY “Truly Indigenous, Refreshingly Global”

Omanye E-payment is a facilitator of money transfer for individuals and businesses.
Available virtually anywhere in the world.

Money transfer and Payment platform have the following abilities:

Instant sign up using a mobile phone number.
Send and receive money via a website, mobile application.
Top up with cash vouchers via 400,000 + outlets across the world via our partner PaySafeCard.
Top up using Kayswallet D-Voucher purchase here.

Purchase prepaid MasterCard or PaymenEx card
Make bill payments via the Omanye mobile application, agents, Interactive Voice Response (IVA), or service centre.
Omanye Merchant Account

Please contact us on for information on how to be one of our agents.