Kayswallet offers highly customizable prepaid debit card solutions for our business customers. We have flexible B2B and B2C payout programs that will seamlessly integrate with your corporate policies and fully comply with your country’s financial regulations.

Prepaid Debit Cards for Payroll

Prepaid debit cards are an excellent payroll solution for both your company and your employees. Using prepaid debit cards for payroll will help you to minimize expenses and build employee loyalty while offering your employees an efficient and secure payment method even if they don’t have a checking account. You will also increase employee satisfaction because according to a survey conducted by Ipsos, 86% of payroll debit card holders prefer them to cheques and wire transfers.

Co-branded Prepaid Debit Cards

Kayswallet will assist your company in setting up co-branded prepaid debit cards. Your business will benefit from custom debit cards with unique design and your logo, the convenience and security offered by MasterCard, and low setup and maintenance fees. This is the perfect solution for businesses looking for a quick, easy and affordable prepaid debit cards implementation using an existing prepaid scheme.

White Label Prepaid Debit Cards

Kayswallet is able to offer assistance to large companies and enterprises in implementing a white label prepaid debit card solution that will completely cover their B2B and B2C needs. Your company will receive complete support throughout the process including all the required licenses for the regions and countries where your company operates.

Bespoke Prepaid Debit Cards for Trading and Brokerage Companies

Bespoke prepaid debit cards for the trading and brokerage industry is a unique proposition on the market offered by Kayswallet and our partner bank. This solution is perfect for institutional trading companies who want to provide their clients with the option to manage their trading profits without having to move funds away to another bank or brokerage, and keep them offshore until point of sale.

Our company offers a highly customizable solution at a competitive price that allows trading and brokerage companies to differentiate from FXCM and structure the flow of funds to the cards from their corporate account with the bank, discreet client accounts, hybrid accounts, and more. The prepaid debit card is issued by MasterCard and is available in GBP, EUR, USD or AUD.

Our prepaid debit card solutions are mainly targeted at the European market, but we will gladly accept enquiries from US companies and provide specific requirements.