No business is the same. We offer tailor-made payment processing

Kayswallet provides complete payment processing solutions for all types of businesses. We realize that different kinds of businesses have different needs and we customize the solutions we offer to match the particular requirements of your company.

Truly global solutions

Is your business ready to grow? With our wide network of partners from all over the world, we make it easy for our clients to expand their business and accept payments from different countries.

Our solutions include:

– High-risk merchant accounts – fully featured merchant accounts for businesses classified as high risk by other merchant processors.
– 3D secure gateway – reduce your exposure to fraud and build customer trust by using a service verified by MasterCard and Visa.
– E-wallet – a convenient, safe and easy to use solution to send and receive money.
– MOTO accounts – easily process CNP payments via telephone or by mail order.

Competitive and personalized pricing

At Kayswallet, our goal is to offer an excellent service at a competitive price. We believe the “one-size-fits-all” approach is ineffective and work with our clients to provide them with a comprehensive and cost-effective payment processing solution.

To find out more about how Kayswallet can assist you in getting a merchant account, you can sign up,  learn more at business development information or email us