About us

Kayswallet is an independent UK-based payment and business consultancy that provides comprehensive payment solutions and gateways for all types of businesses. We are passionate about helping our clients develop, set up and maintain the optimal payment process.

At Kayswallet, we pride ourselves at our ability to find the right solution for all our clients, including small businesses and medium-high risk sectors. Our services are suited for all types of online and offline businesses. We offer solutions and support for Web shops, online directories, software developers and publishers, accommodation and travel websites, financial service providers, and more.

Established in London, we have an extensive network of global partners who make it possible for us to provide the full spectrum of payment processing services including: 

  • E-wallet solutions

  • E-commerce business development

  • Online payments

  • Credit and debit card payments

  • Prepaid card payment solutions

  • Acquiring services

  • Mobile payments

  • Offshore multi-currency private banking

  • Small project management

  • Payment industry consulting

We are a professional digital consultancy with a tight-knit team of dedicated strategic professionals who will find the best solution for you and your business.

Please contact us at info@kayswallet.com for more information.

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